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Type 7 Volume 3: L'art De L'automobile Edition

Type 7 Volume 3: L'art De L'automobile Edition

Designed in collaboration with L’Art de L’Automobile’s Arthur Kar, the book features the team’s favourite stories alongside exclusive editorials created for the book, including a behind the scenes look at Kar’s 968 L’ART collaboration with Porsche.

Spread across 400 pages, the book arrived in a cardboard shipping box intended to be transformed into a miniature 968 L’ART. A slipcase designed to match the colour of the collaboration was also included, along with a small zine in tribute to longtime friend of L’Art, Virgil Abloh.

Designed by ERG Media
400 Pages
Includes shipping box by designed in collaboration with Arthur Kar & L'art De L'automobile.
Each copy includes a zine dedicaded to Virgil Abloh.

ISBN 9783667123510
Published in 2022
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