Type 7 Films: Hiroki Nakamura

Commissioned for Type 7 —Take a rare glimpse into the life and work of Hiroki Nakamura, founder and creative director of Visvim, the visionary Japanese clothing brand. Over the last twenty years Hiroki has built a lifestyle that is indistinguishable from his work. Join us as we explore a day-in-the-life view as Hiroki works on his newest collection, repairs and drives his 356 Pre-A and 1940 Knucklehead, and spends time with his wife and longtime collaborator, Kelsi. The famously reclusive designer has never before allowed cameras to capture this world, but director Ben Bertucci was given access to bring us this rare and behind-the-scenes view.

For Hiroki, the cars and bikes are part of the overall creative process, finding inspiration from these totally original and hand-built machines. Keeping them as true to the original as possible, while driving them daily, is key. Feeling desensitized by the modern world, Hiroki surrounds himself with objects from the past that he must constantly maintain and meticulously restore. The process of tinkering with the engines—replacing filters and hoses, or adjusting the carburetors—is a practice that keeps him in tune with the machine. In many ways, it is his life and inspiration.

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